Artful Learning

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Full-Scale Broadway Style Productions!


Daily Arts Classes for ALL students!


Learning With the Arts

 Students at Midway Elementary experience the arts DAILY during thweir specials time. Students in Grades K-3 experience ALL our arts classes including Musical Theater, Dance, Band, Orchestra, Studio Art, and PE throughout the school year. Students in Grades 4 & 5 will ahve the opportunity to select two focus arts areas to develop and experience for the year through our Choices program. 







The Artful Learning™ model is an arts-based, K-5 comprehensive school plan inspired by legendary American composer Leonard Bernstein’s vision that music and other fine/performing arts could be used to improve academic achievement and instill a love of learning.

The Artful Learning™ model engages and excites students by using the arts and creative process to strengthen teaching and learning. The four main elements of the model encourage and support best teaching practices and improve the manner in which students learn by challenging them to:

EXPERIENCE. Students are introduced to a 
“masterwork” for exposure to rigorous and important ideas and classic works, creating an engaging experience.

INQUIRE. Students are invited to inquire and build their own understanding around significant questions.

CREATE. Students embrace learning as they actually create something. They enjoy active, hands-on involvement in producing something of value.

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How Leonard Bernstein impacts our learning